Teaching truth, holiness, and wisdom since 1936. - St. Michael's Catholic School

ballonFor 75 years, St. Michael's Catholic School has served the families of Crittenden County by providing superior academic instruction that is faithful to the Magisterium. The school guides its students by instilling and forming both the intellectual and moral virtues characteristic of well-educated Christian boys and girls. The school accomplishes this task through its curriculum of studies and school structure. It is in the design and direction of the curriculum – toward truth and wisdom – that St. Michael’s is unique among other elementary schools. The first school to be established in West Memphis, St. Michael's has educated three generations of local residents, reaching students from all walks of life. With a focus on core knowledge and a classical curriculum, St. Michael's educates its students in all disciplines, providing them a profound basis for building their knowledge.

St. Michael's does not just "teach to the test" but produces well-rounded students who excel in test-taking and classroom performance. St. Michael's students score in the top fourth among elementary students taking the Stanford 10 national test. Moreover, of the school's graduates who have left the sixth grade over the past five years, 90 percent of them are honor roll students, both in public and private schools.

At St. Michael's, students receive more individualized attention in smaller class settings, with never more than 18 students to a class.

St. Michael's also offers programs which strengthen student learning and experience:

Foreign Language Program
K-6th Computer Lab
Physical Education Sessions
Accelerated Reading
Spelling Bee
Science Fair

St. Michael's is also a member of the Private School Association of Independent Schools and provides students the opportunity to play competitive basketball and soccer.

St. Michael's knowledgeable and dedicated faculty has an average of 16 years experience in teaching. A third of the staff have earned masters degrees or higher. Most importantly, as Catholic school teachers, St. Michael's faculty members have a sense of purpose beyond that of performing a job but a spiritual calling to help mold educated and ethical students.