At a time when our culture and even our schools are desperately in need of renewal, I have a message of hope and encouragement to share with you. Did you know that there is a truly Christian elementary school in the Mid-south where students are encouraged to strive for holiness every day of their lives? At the same time, these students pursue a rigorous program of authentic Catholic education that prepares them for life. And these students need your help!

St. Michael’s employs the traditional classical model in its curriculum. The classically-based curriculum focuses on studying the greatest spiritual, literary, artistic and cultural achievements of Western civilization by reading the original sources whenever possible, especially in the upper grades.

For more information about donating to St. Michael’s School, please contact us at 870-735-1730 or via e-mail at



“Students whose reason is formed in the light of the Faith through a classical Catholic education become, in fact, a beacon of
Christ’s light, leading others to the truth and transforming our world.”

Most Rev. Raymond L. Burke, Prefect for the Apostolic Signatura