The faculty and staff of St. Michael's Catholic School extend to you a most hearty welcome. This book of policies has been prepared for you so that you might fully understand the philosophy, goals, and practical operation of our school. It is our intention to operate this school by the policies presented herein.
It is the responsibility of you, the parent, to give the words within this handbook meaning. With your cooperation, our school can be a great one and your child can establish a solid foundation upon which to build the greatness of life for which God created him.  Please help us to fulfill this dream.


The policies or procedures in this handbook are subject to change. Parents will receive written notification of any future changes or amendments.


Visitors are always welcome in our school. We require that you check in at the school office upon entering the building. All packages, lunches, or messages for students are to be left in the office for delivery.


In accordance with the requirements set forth by the Diocese of Little Rock, all volunteers must be in full compliance with VIRTUS. This includes,  but  not  limited  to:  coaches, chaperones, substitutes,  PTO  board  members,  school  board  members,  or  anyone  assisting the school  in any function.


St. Michael's School is a co-educational, elementary Catholic School open to students of all nationalities and races. Admission requires an interview with the school principal and the classroom teacher. This is done in order to assess both the needs of the student and the appropriateness of the program of education at St. Michael’s Catholic School.

Admission Priorities

  • Returning St. Michael's students
  • Catholic families
  • Non-Catholic families

Admission is pending the receipt and review of previous school records.

The first year of enrollment for all students at St. Michael's School is considered a probation year. During this year, the school may withdraw a student if his academics and/or behavior are not in alignment with the philosophy and standards of the school.

Transfer Acceptance

Admission of transfer students is based on records from previous schools and on an interview with the principal and the prospective teacher, parents and student(s). Normally, transfers from local schools are not permitted during the course of the academic year.

No child who has been expelled from another school will be considered for enrollment.

Full 2016-2017 Handbook can be downloaded here.



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